Document Translation

High quality translation is our utmost priority. This implies that translated content is fluent, idiomatic, error-free (in terms of sense, grammar, orthography, style, omissions, etc.). When required, it should also fit a specified purpose or audience. The end result is one that a reader would not be able to recognize as a translation.

We strive to achieve high quality translation for our clients, in a turnaround time that fits their schedule. With our dedicated team of experienced, specialist linguists and a stringent quality control 3-step process of translation, editing and proofreading, we are well-positioned to translate all types of document - Business documents, Financial documents, Legal documents, Marketing documents, Technical Documents, Medical documents, e-mail messages, or any other specialized documents.

Each translation project is managed by a project manager, and the work is carried out by teams of translators and editors. Every team will have an editor (native in target language) and at least one translator (native in source language), and they must all be proficient in the language pair. All our translation work goes through editing and proofreading.

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Editing and/or Proofreading

Proofreading : The process of going through the translated work for obvious errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar, meaning or missing text. This step ensures that the translation is correct by checking the work against the source.

Editing : A process that takes more time than simple proofreading – it involves working on the translation by refining meaning and structure. This step might involve rewriting awkward expressions/ paragraphs, checking for style consistency, etc.

We provide proofreading and/or editing services for the improvement of translated text documents from other sources.

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Language Localization Services

Language localization involves adapting existing text to be culturally suitable and relevant to a target audience in terms of word choices, spelling, idioms, etc. It can be done for regions or countries where people speak different languages, or even where the same language is spoken, for example, in the case of the Spanish language with its different dialects, word choices and idioms being used in Spain and in Latin America, or English, whether used in the United States or in Asia.

Assimilating the text completely to the cultural context of the target language is what we aim for.

Effective translation and localization is of paramount importance to any company who wants to capture new foreign markets successfully.

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Audio/Video Transcription

Audio/Video transcription involves converting speech or recorded audio into electronic text documents. We support various audio and video formats (CD, DVD, .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .flv, .mpg, etc).

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Not only do we offer professional translation services, we also provide copywriting services for the translated documents at client's request. The copywriting process include, if necessary, the gathering of background information from the client through a questionnaire and conducting exploratory research to meet client's stated objectives.

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